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Throughout history, freethinkers have outraged the religious with their wacky ideas about the virtues of free speech, reason, and, of course, eating babies. Now, God is dying—and it's time to dispose of his remains. From the pits of Hell, Satan sends two puppets of the imperialist West and the Zionist Jews against God, Islam, and tiny kittens to bring you their propaganda and conspire for a new world order. This is Secular Jihadists for a Muslim Enlightenment—with Ali Rizvi and Armin Navabi.

Feb 26, 2021

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A lot has changed for Pakistan in the last few years. It is no longer the strategic priority for the US that it has been for decades, most notably after 9/11. America's policy is drifting towards India (Pakistan's enemy), as its Cold War grows with China (Pakistan's friend). Meanwhile, the US has accepted that Taliban rule is inevitable in Afghanistan, where it has fought its longest war, and is pulling out its troops. Aside from dwindling leverage, Pakistan is dealing with a worsening economy, massive international outrage over its acquittal of the man who beheaded Daniel Pearl, and potential consequences from the new diplomatic alliances between Israel and Arab states like the UAE. Join Ali, Armin, and our guest Harris Sultan as we talk about where Pakistan goes from here.

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