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Throughout history, freethinkers have outraged the religious with their wacky ideas about the virtues of free speech, reason, and, of course, eating babies. Now, God is dying—and it's time to dispose of his remains. From the pits of Hell, Satan sends two puppets of the imperialist West and the Zionist Jews against God, Islam, and tiny kittens to bring you their propaganda and conspire for a new world order. This is Secular Jihadists for a Muslim Enlightenment—with Ali Rizvi and Armin Navabi.

Jun 6, 2020

Understandably, this Q&A was dominated by questions about the recent murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and three of his colleagues. We discussed the role of racial bias in policing, and Armin and Ali had stark differences in their views. Needless to say, it got heated. Watch the argument and read the links below (mentioned in the episode) to come to your own conclusions.

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Some of these papers are behind a paywall. You can go to to read them for free.

The Reverse Racism Effect: Are Cops More Hesitant to Shoot Black Than White Suspects?

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Lethal Force by US Police, 2010–2014

Deaths Due to Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement

A Multi-Level Bayesian Analysis of Racial Bias in Police Shootings at the County-Level in the United States, 2011–2014

An Empirical Analysis of Racial Di↵erences in Police Use of Force

Police acts of violence unbiased, controversial new data say

Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings:

Black and blue: Exploring racial bias and law enforcement in the killings of unarmed black male civilians:

How suspect race affects police use of force in an interaction over time:

Stereotype threat and racial differences in citizens’ experiences of police encounters:

Racial bias in judgments of physical size and formidability: From size to threat: