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Throughout history, freethinkers have outraged the religious with their wacky ideas about the virtues of free speech, reason, and, of course, eating babies. Now, God is dying—and it's time to dispose of his remains. From the pits of Hell, Satan sends two puppets of the imperialist West and the Zionist Jews against God, Islam, and tiny kittens to bring you their propaganda and conspire for a new world order. This is Secular Jihadists for a Muslim Enlightenment—with Ali Rizvi and Armin Navabi.

Oct 17, 2020

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Anthony Magnabosco is a worldwide promoter and practitioner of Street Epistemology, a conversational method for respectfully challenging ideas and beliefs by asking probing questions to uncover the reliability of oneโ€™s belief formation process. Recently, he had conversations with some young Muslims on the street that went viral. We spoke with him about the process, its scalability, and the very concept of respectful dialogue when it comes to challenging religious beliefs. Check it out.

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